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About us | Mobirook Store

About us

The mobirook store, powered by cetrosoft Co, provides a variety of the Appsmobirook is an applications store.

Why we're different ?
it is our own store and we provides new ideas for new customers , with each one serving a brand and their unique customers with a custom blend of apps, devices and experiences.Any Platform : We market apps on virtually ever major mobile OS: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Palm and Windows. We can deliver content for any app type.Free and Paid Apps : Support for virtually any business model for app developers: Paid downloads, In-App billing, Advertising.

Our target:
Provide content as a new , effective and special cases for ARAB user and the international user on the whole with a new environment and a good GUI.

why mobirook store ?
Across the globe, more people are now using mobile devices as their primary means of obtaining information and requesting services over the Internet. As the mobile application market matures, strategic issues such as application development costs, maintainability, quality, and security are being brought into focus. mobirook focuses on a more comprehensive approach for the development of mobile business applications, one that combines best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management with newer requirements unique to the creation of mobile applications.